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Do You Really Need A SEO and are your ready to work with SEO?

How to Enable the Default WordPress Lazyload for you Images and Iframes in 5 Steps ( No Plugin ) Get the SEO Book Pro - SEO Plugin for WordPress to make live edits on the Front End - Live DemoSEO Book Pro WordPress Self/Automattic Optimized and UX/WEB Audits and Ver. 0.0.9 I am pretty sure you come here after long searching in the common search engine for the all time question for most web developers. Actually you hit the correct website. Stay awhile read, listen and watch. Do not forget to follow us on our external profile network. Also Read our Latest Blog Posts for all new Web Development and Website Building Fresh Information.
Are you Really Need a SEO for your services and business type? - SEO Book Pro

Are you Really Need a SEO for your services and business type?

First things firstFirst things first this is a note book with just bullets, ideas, working examples i learn every day in my 20 Years of web experience as a webmaster, and web developer also web enthusiast in love with the www and most common program languages, webmaster tools and software to build online hubs, sites and internet networks for different type of business and their service provided locally, nationwide or worldwide.
Images as a SEO Power and Ranking Factor in top 10 based on the google webmaster documentation and recomendations to index your website and pages in their search engine. There are at least 30 ranking factors that every Business owner, or Freelance Web Developer, SEO Professional, Technician, Web Team Lead, SEO and Web Development QA almost evreyone who is involved in the google at all and all Google Products Offered just with you mail – yes if you want to go troug my brainstorm lessons you should register a gmail or to have already gmail.

Top 30 Why you need to have and use google email for your

Start up Projects, Ideas and just to add your notes to have them online and in your pocket at any time to look in your data, statuses, tasks, mails etc. Want to learn more
Follow me on the  Social, Bookmarking, Search Engines and All External Profiles i use to self promote and build external network with goal do be more controlled by me, site members, volunteers and many more.

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Note: Add all in one Page And now let’s Build our Stream Channel for Future Live, Guided Videos for our Startup

Do you Like some of the covered SEO Basics about the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Yes i am saying this a lot almost on every topic, work conversation or issue for specific client/s or websites – I will appreciate any volunteers, suggestions, topics and questions to research and answer for all web development type and topics relevant to SEO as main Goal in the latest years looks like in the internet and the website build/ers, cms, frameworks and programming languages you can use to build websites local, nationwide, worldwide, niche specific and many more types of websites with million of functions they can provide to their visitors from simple show business text and useful information to heavy scripts and Machine Learning Algorithms Integrated in Google Products to integrate in your projects for very basic usage or very heavy types of online operations with many data base queries to manage.

What really you look after ?

SEO -> Web Development -> Custom Business/Web Platform -> New Plan? -> Better ROI(*Evaluate – Top 10 For Free ) – 30%  Decrease of your Digital, Web, Marketing and SEO Budget to save and Invest in your People/Teams/Software and more… -> WWW -> World Wide Web ( simple as it is ) – 3 Way WPSTD ( Webmasters Looking for Help or Source for Links, Article Submission, Blog Contrubute and All Types of off Page and Web 1.0, web 2.0 and the next generation web customised search engines for very specific world web topic with all variations and latest information sorted by the Google AI and Programable Search Engine ( SEE Our Example for the Search Query – “seo book”

Are you Really Need a SEO for your services and business type?

Basic 10 SEO ( Business and Services you need ) mistakes when looking for SEO Serivces for your site or SEO Company for your Business and Online Needs. Why and How to Prevent the top 10 of the ranking factors for your website. Here is a basic SEO SERP and Search Results Pages from the common Search Engines and critical html and content  SEO Mistake Number One ( About 15,400,000 results for this topic ).  Audience, SEO Plan & Roadmap, Creating the Wrong Type of Content, Non-Original Content, Metas and Rich Snippets Data Missing or Non Valid, External Backlinks Quality, Bad Website Structure and Internal Navigation, Serve User Friendly Web Pages, Remeber the Rule documented from the Google Search Engineers long time ago when they start the search and indexing of sites – 3 clicks to the user asked question, query, asked services, shopping query and many more( all query types in the book – Buy Now SEO Book Pro ), Clean and Valid to Date Structured HTML or Javascript Served Content Elements on Every SIngle Page you keep in the index with websites sitemaps , Did you have some data to look after since your online 1-st url added tosearch engine or some social media network or to google search console and google Analytics? 7 Days vs Previous 7 Days 28 Days vs Previous 28 Days 3 Months vs Previous 3 Months 6 Months vs Previous 6 Months 12 Months vs Previous 12 Months 16 Months vs Previous 16 Months Do you have Proper Website Server Settings and Up to Date Programs and Tools that keep you site online? Do you have your website verified and properly added on both common search eingines? Do you have proper website pages and internal link structure for the Users on first place then for the crawlers?

Before you go think about what brings you on this site?

You may be did a search query for “seo book” looking for some manual and download guides about optimization and web development for website. May be read the short quotes and brainstorm sessions below to get clean answer about your search query for SEO which brought you here.
Yep I am not Joking. Probably if you hit our SEO Book Tool you are in trouble with your site about: Rank Loosing, Not Enough Organic Traffic, Too Much Errors in the Google and Bing Webmaster Tools ( Read our Basic Guides ). Or you are just curious what we have here. I have just experienced fails and successes with the websites i build over the years since 2004 for different clients and types of businesess promoting their websites in the common Search Engine only with Prooven and Verified White Hat SEO Techniques.
Yes the SEO as everyone know it is just another one short very popular keyword asked from a lot of different web entusiast for their projects. Yes is true the SEO means just Building Well Optimised Websites and Online Platforms for different type of business and service providers locally, nationwide or world wide. Yep The SEO can be very specific when it comes to the Crawling and before you start your new project or have a client that want better SERP Positions, Ranks and More Lead Generation based on their planned 12 Months Budget and The live time data status of the website.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” Source List Below ( Till Writing the article i will improove the Article Post Template for my Really Custom WordPress CMS Framework i can convert easy for most popular web/business/types of website you can index in the search engines. Full List with Google Analytics web

SEO Book Pro Free* Guide – SEO Factors list Re/RF/TLDL/ROI/RB/DR/Crawl/Data/Platforms/Google

Audit the Root of your Website and directory installation
  • Files
  • Types
  • Premissions
  • Settings
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap/s – HTML, XML
  • CMS ( WordPress installation and general settings )
  • Meta Search Engines/API/3d Party Scripts – Setup/Audit/Serve – Faster