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Google Spreadsheet Formula – INDEX|FILTER|REGEXMATCH

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How to use the 3 Google Spreadsheet Formulas to find and Display Values that are Equal to our Goal Value in specific spreadsheet cell

In Short the Google Spreadsheet Formula combination with the following formulas:
The Combination of these 3 Google Spreadsheet Formulas will search in specific Columns and Look for Columns Data to be Equal to the latest Cell from the formula E2 for example

For Example if you have 4 Columns with Data from Column A1 to Column D

The FILTER formula will look in All Columns and Rows from A1 to C20 for values in their Cells and Match the REGEXMATCH wich is our main Value to Search for and will Make MAtch equal to our Column E1 Value If there is a Match from D1:D20 with our Goal in E1 the Related Row from Columns A1:D20 will be Displayed next to E1 and all the Values we are looking for The Formula you can test and use for your Google Spreadsheet Tables and Needs

Get the formula below to test is with your Google Spreadsheet