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How To create a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory

Google Colaboratory Get the SEO Book Pro - SEO Plugin for WordPress to make live edits on the Front End - Live Demo

Lear how to Create a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory

To create a Text to Speech Python script you can follow the steps below:
  1. Open Google Colaboratory:
    1. Go to Google Colaboratory and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Create a new Python notebook:
    1. Click on “File” -> “New Python 3 Notebook” to create a new notebook.
  3. Import required libraries:
    1. Import the required libraries for the Text to Speech conversion. For example, you can use the gTTS library to convert text to speech.

Add new Code Section with the command below and click play to install the gTTS library

pip install gTTS

Enter text to convert:

In the first cell of the notebook, enter the text that you want to convert to speech. Convert text to speech use the gTTS library to convert the text to speech.

The full Python Script should looks like the code below

from gtts import gTTS

text = "Hello, how are you today?"
language = 'en'
tld = '.com'  # English voice
speech_speed = 1 # normal speech speed
tts = gTTS(text=text, lang=language, slow=False)

# Save the speech as an audio file

filename = 'speech.mp3'

# Play the speech

from IPython.display import Audio

The Script will display similar data and player with the mp3 record from your text

Lear how to Create a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory

Lear how to Create a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory

  • Run the script:
    • Run the script by clicking on the “Run” button at the top of the notebook or by pressing “Shift + Enter” on your keyboard.
  • Listen to the audio output:
    • Once the script is executed, you will see a new audio file named “hello.mp3” in the Files tab on the left-hand side. You can listen to the audio output by clicking on the file.
You have now created a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory

Take a look of the 53 min Text to speech audio record made with this Python Text to Speech sample code above

Visit the SEO Book Pro Soundcloud Podcast to listen the mp3 podcast generated with Google Coollaboratory and Python Script shown in this article for How To create a Text to Speech Python script using Google Colaboratory.