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Facts and Myths about the PPC Management and it’s (ROI) based on the PPC Cost and CPC for your keywords PPC Lists

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badge This article was written by Advanced SEO SEO Book Pro | Published on 3:39 pm, Sun, 14 March 21
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Top 5 Steps about the PPC Management

2 Steps Before you start PPC Management

  • Keyword Research – one of the most important parts of the PPC management is to do the Right client website and business keywords research before the setup and run the PPC Campaign.
  • Before you run the keyword suggestion and ideas through Google Ads Platform be sure you have all the Data from your client website stored and ready to look in to prepare a list with the website top Organic Search Queries and keywords based on the Last 12 Months Statistic from the following Google Stacks and Products:
  • Google Analytics – Download the data from Google Analytics from the Last 12 Months for Behavior -> Search Console -> Top Landing Pages with secondary Dimension “Page Title”
  • Google Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console ) – Download the Last 12 Months Search Queries Data for your client website to analyze the number of Impressions, the number of clicks, Click Through Rate% ( known as CTR% ) and the average position for your top pages and search queries for those pages
  • This two Google Common Tools for website analyze and data are the a must 1 st step you need to do before think about any PPC Campaign Run for your client.
  • Here come the question that may be no one PPC Manager ever ask yourself and did this before they start the PPC campaign for their clients.
  • Build Landing Page – No outbound PPC campaign is complete without the proper copy. We work in tandem with you to get the right messages to the right audience and build the right landing page.

3 Steps After the Research about the PPC Management Campaign

  • Launch Campaign Do you know the phrase, “measure 3 times, cut once”? Optimize your PPC Campaign and audience constantly to get the best results with better (ROI) and CPC Costs.
  • Use the Google Ad Credits 1st to do test campaign before you scale the campaign to more budget spend and trow half of the budget to non sense ad displays and non Lead Generation Clicks
  • Go to Google Ads Dashboard and Run your Specific sorted keywords and website landing pages PPC Ad Campaign

List with Top 10 PPC Campaigns Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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