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badge This article was written by SEO Book Pro | Published on 12:58 am, Fri, 12 March 21
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Search engine optimization ( SEO ) Short Weekly News and SEO Topics

Google Search Console rich results report updated

Google tweaked some of the job posting structured data requirements and also how it checks the validity of FAQ and Q&A structured data.

Things Journalists Need to Know About Editorial SEO

Learning the basics of SEO can help journalists enjoy a wider audience for their articles and support the editorial team’s goals. Here’s how.

On-page SEO: a handy checklist to tick off in 2021 and beyond

30-second summary: On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages and *content* for search engine crawlers; It involves a lot of moving parts, so it’s …

Microsoft Bing SEO & Bing Webmaster Tools with Fabrice Canel

Bing Webmaster Tools may be one of the most overlooked items in an SEO’s toolbox. Not only can you submit your site via Bing to Bing,

WordPress 5.7: What’s new in this release?

WordPress 5.7 came out on March 9, 2021. This release comes with lots of new enhancements. Let’s check out what this means for you!

Google Preparing For New Search Console Functionality

Google is likely going to keep releasing new features and functionality for Google Search Console over the years. John Mueller of Google kind of confirmed that …

How Enterprise Search + Business Intelligence Reveal Market Pulse

It’s important to keep a pulse on the market and be prepared for new conditions in an instant. Business intelligence can help search with that.

Google Search Console Q&A and FAQ Reports Upgraded

Google has upgraded the Search Console reports specifically for the Q&A and FAQ structured data. Now Google will check the validity of FAQ and Q&A …

Is Google moving towards greater search equity?

What if Google was trying to take down the barriers that prevent business owners from being competitive on the SERP? How would that impact SEO now & in the …

Ultimate Guide to Geotargeting in WordPress – Step by Step

Do you want to use Geotargeting in WordPress to enhance the customer experience? Geotargeting allows website owners to show personalized *content* to

Google: Technically Indexed vs Practically Indexed

John Mueller of Google wrote something on Twitter that caught my eye (well, everything he writes on Twitter catches my eye but this one more than others).

Subdomain vs. Subfolder, Is One Better Than the Other for SEO?

SEOs have argued about this for as long as I can remember. Many SEOs say that subfolders are better for SEO and insist on using them.

The Magic Wheel of PPC Automation Optimization

Human-guided automation is the future, and knowing how to manage and optimize automated PPC campaigns is key. Here’s a guide on how to do it right.

Yoasters contributing to WordPress 5.7

Two of our Yoasters were part of the WordPress 5.7 release squad. What was that like? Let’s ask them and find out what contributing is like!

WordPress 5.7 Launches With One-Click HTTP to HTTPS Conversion

WordPress version 5.7 is now available, offering one-click HTTP to HTTPS conversion among other features.

Yet Another Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update Last Night

I know, I know, this is getting ridiculous, at what won’t do I stop reporting on all these Google algorithm updates that are unconfirmed.

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