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What is SEO?

The SEO is just popular keyword used from webmasters and the web industry related to website optimization for the search engines like Google, Bing etc. It’s so nice everyone in the SEO Industry to say hey i am SEO. But if you take deep look in the SERP and the sites displayed in the SERP if you are really Super Heavy and Strong Technical SEO with solid Google Knowledge you can see completely different story and massive changes on Page and Websites Positions and Rankings for specific niches and type of websites in the SERP.




Flow content

Most elements that are used in the body of documents and applications are categorized as flow content.
  • technologists
  • thinkers
  • builders
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Kinds of content

Each element in HTML falls into zero or more categories that group elements with similar characteristics together. The following broad categories are used in this specification:
  • Metadata content
  • Flow content
  • Sectioning content
  • Heading content
  • Phrasing content
  • Embedded content
  • Interactive content

These categories are related as follows

Flow content
a, abbr, address area*, article, aside, audio, b, bdi, bdo, blockquote, br, button canvas cite code data date datalist del details dfn dialog div dl em embed fieldset figure footer form h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 header hgroup hr i iframe img input ins kbd keygen label link* main* map mark math menu meta* meter nav noscript object ol output p picture pre progress q ruby s samp script section select slot small span strong sub sup svg table template textarea time u ul var video wbr autonomous custom elements Text* * Under certain circumstances (see prose).
Metadata content
base link meta no-script script style template title

Sectioning content

article, aside, nav, section

Heading Content

Heading content
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hgroup

Interactive content

Interactive content
a* audio* button details embed iframe img* input* keygen label object* select textarea video* *Under certain circumstances.
  • technologists
  • thinkers
  • builders
Sectioning content, heading content, phrasing content, embedded content, and interactive content are all types of flow content. Metadata is sometimes flow content. Metadata and interactive content are sometimes phrasing content. Embedded content is also a type of phrasing content, and sometimes is interactive content. Other categories are also used for specific purposes, e.g. form controls are specified using a number of categories to define common requirements. Some elements have unique requirements and do not fit into any particular category.

Phrasing content

a* abbr area* audio b bdi bdo br button canvas cite code data date datalist del* dfn em embed i iframe img input ins* kbd keygen label link* map* mark math meta* meter noscript object output picture progress q ruby s samp script select slot small span strong sub sup svg template textarea time u var video wbr autonomous custom elements Text* *Under certain circumstances; see prose.
  • technologists
  • thinkers
  • builders
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Embedded content

audio, canvas, embed, iframe, img, math, object, picture, svg, video
  • technologists
  • thinkers
  • builders
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Metadata content

Metadata content is content that sets up the presentation or behavior of the rest of the content, or that sets up the relationship of the document with other documents, or that conveys other “out of band” information.
  • base
  • link
  • meta
  • noscript
  • script
  • style
  • template
  • title
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