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SEO Book Pro Beta Framework 0.0.16 #SEO #WordPress #WordPressSEOFramework

Visit the Demo for the SEO Book Pro Latest Project –  SEO Book Pro Beta v 0.0.16

#SEO #Book #Pro is Custom #WordPress Template #Framework.

I have started the project road map in 2015 and till now only add ideas, documentations, notes, and some testing projects to do the full architecture of the idea
SEO Book Pro WordPress Framework.

Chapters in the video includes the creation of the WordPress template and root folders, files to run your customized #WordPress website with SEO Book Pro – Custom WordPress Template Framework.

Building the skeleton and the structure of the SEO Book Pro Custom WordPress Framework Template SEO Book Pro is a strong website framework based on WordPress and is a highly customizable theme. SEO Book Pro is highly secure, SEO friendly, easy to install and set up in your WordPress environment.

SEO Book Pro uses the latest standards in the Web Fundamentals to serve clean and Responsive Design to visitors in all cases of using:

  • Desktop View
  • Mobile View
  • Tablet View

External website Frame like ( Facebook, Instagram, etc. ) which easily attracts tons of users

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Thanks to every supporter who makes an important contribution to helping our project to go #live #beta v1.0.0 and everyone can enjoy all the functions and customizations with the

Free version and the Pro version of SEO Book Pro!

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Current Version of the SEO Book Pro WordPress Custom Template Framework:
SEO Book Pro version 1.0.1 ( Road Map )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.2 ( General Setup )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.3 ( General Setup )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.4 ( Folders and Semantic structure )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.5 ( General Folder and Files Structure )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.6 ( Documentations and How to’s )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.7 ( Running Codes and Functions on Demo site )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.8 ( Debug and Test the Functionality )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.0.9 ( General Layouts and Styles for Responsive )
In Progress SEO Book Pro version 1.1.0 ( Beta WordPress Custom Template )
In Progress Most Common Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Book Pro

Start Build fast, responsive and professional websites with SEO Book Framework

Quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites with SEO Book Framework, the world’s most popular front-end simple tool, featuring a responsive grid system, easy build components, and powerful JavaScript plugins to create professional and good looking websites for your projects

  • About SEO Book Framework
  • Getting started with SEO Book Framework
  • Introduction to SEO Book Pro
  • Download SEO Book Framework files
  • Contents of SEO Book Framework
  • Supported Browsers & devices
  • JavaScript included in SEO Book Framework
  • Ready Templates
  • SEO Book Framework Layouts
  • Components of SEO Book Framework
  • Utilities for SEO Book Framework

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