Blank WordPress Template

SEO Book Pro Nightly Alpha v.0.2.9

Introduction to the SEO Book Pro Nightly Documentation

Blank WordPress Template is an a Highly Customized and Advanced WordPress Template and powerful WordPress SEO Framework.

The Goal of Blank WordPress Template is to provide easy website template and features to manage and setup every website build with WordPress with no stress and once. No more plugin installation, additional code fixing and many more webmaster and SEO included features.

SEO Book Pro - Alpha 0.2.9 - Nightly

Welcome to the One and Only WordPress Custom Template made by 20 years Experienced Web Developer. The SEO Book Pro is fully optimized for the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The Template is based on all old, current and featured Web Fundamentals that are Required by the Search Engines to Rank your website on better positions and serve the visitors better User Experience that can convert more.

Using SEO Book Pro can reduce your ROI because is build for Organic Ranks Your Services or Products you want to show to your Visitors. The SEO Book Pro its come with all WordPress Default Features and Editable Elements.

The WordPress SEO Book Pro is based on the top 3 website Elements that are included in every Website

Each of this top 3 Website Elements includes a lot of WordPress Features to Add Custom menus, fields, elements, widgets, text and many more. All feedbacks are welcome always. If you are interested about the SEO Book Pro Alpha 0.0.1 - Nightly Project Status visit our Demo to Learn more and stay in touch with our Dev Team about every Features and Future SEO Book Pro Alpha Nightly Updates.

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