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Demo Functions List for SEO Book Pro WPSEO Plugin

Get the SEO Book Pro - SEO Plugin for WordPress to make live edits on the Front End - Live Demo

Basic SEO Features and Options Preview

  • Emoji Script
  • Gutenberg Page Blocks
  • Global CSS Styles
  • Lazy Load Settings
  • Featured Images
  • Custom Images Sizes
  • Block Library CSS
  • SVG Filters
  • Global Styles CSS
  • Edit URI Link
  • CSS Query Strings
  • MSA Windows Live Writer
  • Wlwmanifest Link
  • Embedded Links Script

SEO Book Share Buttons Settings and Options

The Share Buttons can Help you to Grow your Social Engagement

By enabling social sharing on your WordPress content, you can increase engagement with your audience and boost demand for your products or services.

Easy to Setup WordPress Share Buttons Plugin

With our simple plugin, you can set up social sharing with just a few clicks. You have full control over where and how your content is shared on social media.

Setup WordPress Share Buttons at 8 Different Locations

Show social media sharing buttons in a variety of locations, including the sidebar, above and below content, fly-in, popup, on images, and videos.

Responsive Design WordPress Share Buttons

Our plugin is fully responsive, so it works flawlessly on mobile displays as well. Your audience can easily share your content from any device.

Custom Setup and Styles for WordPress Share Button

We offer a variety of innovative styles for social media buttons to match your website’s design and aesthetics. Choose from our pre-designed styles to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Custom Icons Style for WordPress Share Button

You can customize the colors of your social sharing buttons to match your website’s theme. Our plugin has custom color settings for each location, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your buttons.

Enable the SEO Book Share Buttons to custom more than 8 Locations in your WordPress website files and pages

  1. Add Share Buttons to Single Pages
  2. Add Share Buttons to Single Posts
  3. Add Share Buttons to Custom Post Types
  4. Add Share Buttons to Archives Pages
  5. Add Share Buttons to Category Archives Pages
  6. Add Share Buttons to Tags Archives Pages
  7. Add Share Buttons to Author Archives Pages
  8. Add Share Buttons to Search Results Pages

Settings to Display SEO Book Share Buttons

  • Facebook Button
    • Share your content with billions of Facebook users with just a click. By enabling Facebook sharing button, you increase your post visibility and reach.
  • Twitter Button – add your Twitter @username
    • Share your content with billions of Twitter users with just a click. By enabling Twitter sharing button, you increase your post visibility and reach
  • Pinterest Button
  • LinkedIn Button
  • Reddit Button
  • Send to Email Button
  • Save to PDF Button