Basic SEO Audit

Root Domain Audit

Our audit delves into the core of your website, examining the overall health and structure of your root domain. By assessing domain-level factors, we provide insights to improve your website's foundation for enhanced visibility and user experience.

Source Code Analysis

Uncover the intricacies of your website's source code with our detailed analysis. We evaluate the coding structure to identify opportunities for optimization, ensuring a clean and efficient foundation for search engines to crawl and index.

Landing Page Optimization

Elevate your landing pages with a focused analysis of the hero section, heading titles, and content. Our audit scrutinizes these crucial elements, offering recommendations to captivate your audience and improve your pages' relevance to search engines.

Content Quality Check

Explore the depth and relevance of your landing page content. Our audit assesses the quality of your content, providing valuable insights to enhance readability, engagement, and alignment with SEO best practices.

Bulleted Lists Evaluation

Ensure the effectiveness of your content presentation with a thorough evaluation of bulleted lists. We analyze the structure and clarity of your lists, optimizing them for both user experience and search engine understanding.

Sitemaps Inspection

Evaluate the efficiency of your website's HTML and XML sitemaps. Our audit ensures that search engines can easily navigate and index your pages, contributing to improved discoverability and rankings.

HTTPS and Security Check

Prioritize the security of your website with a dedicated audit of HTTPS URLs. We assess the implementation of secure connections, contributing to both user trust and favorable search engine rankings.

Header Meta Analysis

Optimize your website's header meta tags for enhanced search engine visibility. Our audit scrutinizes title tags, meta descriptions, and other critical elements, ensuring they align with SEO best practices and encourage click-throughs.

Robots.txt Examination

Navigate the nuances of your website's robots.txt file. Our audit ensures that search engine crawlers can efficiently access and index your content, contributing to improved visibility in search results.

XML Sitemap Effectiveness

Maximize the potential of your XML sitemaps. We evaluate their completeness and correctness, ensuring they provide search engines with accurate information about your website's structure, leading to more effective indexing.
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