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WordPress Version: Beta 1.12.49

Welcome to the documentation for Your SEO Book, a custom WordPress theme designed specifically for businesses and business services. This theme offers a range of features and functionalities to help you showcase your business services online effectively. Whether you are a small startup or a well-established company, Your SEO Book provides easy management and a straightforward setup process, even for users without coding skills.
Note: This is a beta version, and not all features may work perfectly. If you encounter any bugs or issues, please report them to 
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❤️ List of the 27 Current Active Basic Features ❤️

  1. API Integration
  2. Responsive Layouts
  3. Google/Bing SEO Ready
  4. Custom Pages Layouts
  5. Custom Navigation Menus
  6. Sidebar and Footer Widgets
  7. Social Networks Integration
  8. Site wide Custom CTA's
  9. Automatic Internal Linking Options
  10. Rich Snippets Integration
  11. SERP RF's (Ranking Factors)
  12. Custom Home Page Layout
  13. Custom Services Pages and Layouts
  14. Custom Location Areas Page Templates
  15. Custom Post Types
  16. Custom Single Page Templates
  17. Blog Archives Template
  18. Main Archive Template
  19. Main Category Archive Template
  20. Main Tags Archive Template
  21. Custom WordPress Search Page Template
  22. Google Programmable Custom Search Engine Feature
  23. SEO Friendly 404 Page Template
  24. Google Analytics (GA4) Quick Verification
  25. Google Search Console (GSC) Verification
  26. Google AdSense Quick Integration
  27. Google Ad Manager Quick Integration
Visit the GitHub Repository to Try the Theme - SEO Book Pro WordPress Custom Template Or go to our demo page to test it out - SEO Book Pro WordPress Custom Templates Demos