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This Free SEO Audit provides a detailed insight into the overall health and SEO performance of the root domain, helping identify areas for improvement to enhance visibility and user experience.


A comprehensive Free SEO Root Domain Audit evaluates multiple critical parameters of a website to ensure optimal performance and adherence to best practices.

This Free SEO Audit Includes

  • Robots.txt: Checks the robots.txt file to ensure proper directives for search engine bots.
  • Sitemaps: Verifies the presence and status of sitemaps (e.g., /wp-sitemap.xml, /sitemap.xml, /sitemap_index.xml).
  • Header Meta: Reviews meta tags in the header for proper SEO and social media sharing configuration.
  • Media Files: Analyzes the usage and optimization of media files (images, videos, etc.).
  • Internal Links (Incoming and Outgoing): Examines internal linking structure to ensure efficient navigation and distribution of link equity.
  • External Links (Incoming and Outgoing): Evaluates the quality and relevance of external links pointing to and from the website.
  • Meta Title Tag: Checks the presence, length, and keyword usage in the meta title tag.
  • Meta Description: Reviews the meta description for length, relevance, and keyword inclusion.
  • Brand Mention: Tracks mentions of the brand across the website and other platforms.
  • Keywords: Analyzes the usage and placement of targeted keywords throughout the website.
  • Heading Title Tags (H1-H6): Ensures the correct usage of heading tags for structured content and keyword placement.
  • Paragraphs: Reviews the content within paragraph tags for quality and relevance.
  • Unordered Lists: Checks for the presence and usage of unordered lists to enhance content readability.
  • Ordered Lists: Evaluates the use of ordered lists for structured and easy-to-follow content.
  • Blockquotes: Examines the use of blockquotes for highlighting important information or citations.
  • Anchored Text: Analyzes anchored text for keyword usage and link quality.
  • Images: Checks images for proper alt text, file size, and optimization.
  • Iframes: Reviews the usage of iframes and their impact on page load and content.
  • Header Menu: Evaluates the structure and usability of the header menu for navigation.
  • Footer Menu: Checks the footer menu for completeness and navigational efficiency.
  • Sidebar: Analyzes the sidebar content and its contribution to user experience and navigation.


Additional information

Root Domain Audit

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Free SEO Audit

Free Root Domain Audit

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